Impossible Innovation Made Possible

Company Profile

ZYPEX was founded in February 1992, incorporated on February 1, 1993 and has been designing products for customers worldwide.

ZYPEX specializes in unusual and unique project requirements. Capabilities include conceptual design, design specifications, prototype design, pcb layout, packaging and compliance support.

With nearly 40 years of experience, President and Founder, Del Peck, Jr. has worked in all areas of product design and development. "The best way to design a product is to understand all aspects of the design cycle. Hardware vs. software tradeoffs can substantially affect the overall cost of a product, and the best design in the world may not be marketable if it was not designed with manufacturability in mind."

Hardware is designed for reliable, long-life operation using the most optimal components available. Fewer parts means lower testing and manufacturing costs, as well as more compact designs.

ZYPEX would be happy to discuss your requirements, and propose a complete solution to any problem.

Email: info@zypex.com